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Up to 2 Hours

Minimum 20 Images

2 Outfit Changes

3 Edited Images

Raw images upon request $20

Up to 8 Hours

Minimum 100 Images

5 Outfit Changes

10 Edited Images

Raw images upon request $20

Up to 4 Hours

Minimum 50 Images

4 Outfit Changes

5 Edited Images

Raw images upon request $20

  • How long will it take to get my photos?
    Max 7 days for any shoots besides weddings. Typically with weddings there will be a very large amount of photos to go through, and we want to comb all of them to be sure we are saving the best parts of your memories. If you need photos back immediately, we can accommodate with shooting and editing onsite for a limited number of pictures.
  • How long will it take to get my videos?
    This will depend on a few factors but typically for a 1 minute video it will be up to 10 days. If we have shot some parts of your video and need other elements (voice over, stock footage, collaboration content from other people) then that can add some time as well.
  • Can I get the raw pictures/videos?
    YES! This needs to be discussed before we lock in our times and dates. We will be happy to hand you an SD Card or thumb drive after our shoot if you would like to keep the RAW footage. RAW footage will only be delivered in the physical storage either immediately after the shoot or at a later date agreed upon.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    No they are not. We love what we do and plan accordingly to save your time. Please understand that when you book with us, no one will take your time and therefore we cannot change our missed opportunities. We do understand that emergencies happen and in the event that you cannot commit to the date you already made a deposit for, we will give you 3 week grace period to reschedule.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers

K. Sobieraj.jpeg

K. Sobieraj

My first shoot with Prime Pro went very well and I got my portfolio of pictures back in less than a week. The creativity and speed of turn around time has given me so many creative pieces to use to promote my business. I knew the shots that I wanted to get to highlight my brand and not only did Prime Pros nail it, they created more looks from my original ideas to give me dynamic range in my brand visually. Having fun while shooting is priceless!


D. Davis

Having a new and larger facility for my gym increased my need for marketable content. It has been great to work with a team that shoots photo and video and brings creative ideas to help capture attention across all social platforms. The knowledge of what content and how to use the different assets within each platform has helped me tremendously. My new flow of content has been not only more attractive to watch but also has given my trainers and partners more to engage with as more people are commenting and sharing. The creativity in photo and video that Prime Pros bring is one of the biggest reasons I love working with them

C. Jenkins

C. Jenkins 

My business needs are very unique and having to create content that can reach and engage a specific style of client is key. Prime Pros has the creative eye for all fields of business that I have seen and that's why I decided to bring them down to me in Florida. I really needed something that was clean, professional, and still interesting to watch. Prime Pros not only created my idea, they added a nice professional flare to make me stand out. Being able to shoot multiple videos in one session and take some clean and personalized headshots saved me a lot of time and I could get back to serving my clients and focus on my podcast. 


S. Shaw

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of being photographed by both Kierra and Styves of Prime Pro Visuals, for engagement photos. I particularly hate being photographed. They made both myself and my fiancé feel at ease and comfortable. We were allowed to talk to one another in the middle of being photographed and just feel free and relaxed. They asked us what we wanted and expected from the shoot, while also including their own angles and ideas as well. I left the shoot without wanting to view any of the shots taken but still with more confidence in the results than I did coming into the engagement shoot. Only a day and half later, I received a crazy amount of finished pictures. They all turned out amazingly. I don’t even know how we narrow down to just a few. I can’t thank Prime Pro Visuals enough for their great work.

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